Additive Analysis Laboratory

Today, with the development of the industry, the increase in food production and processing has also increased the use of food additives. With this increase, nutritional safety and nutritional safety must be ensured.

Food additives are substances which are not consumed as food alone or used as a characteristic component of food, nutritive value or not, which are expected to be a direct or indirect component of that food. However, additives are used to deceive the consumer, to extend the shelf life by using illegal additives, to mimic defects by using food additives, to obtain unfair earnings, and to raise consumer health risks. Contribution analysis is of great importance in order to avoid all these problems.

The compliance of the additives (sweeteners, colorants, preservatives and antioxidants) to the legislation and the desired product quality is analyzed for all food and feed processed and unprocessed by HPLC in the Laboratory of Additives Analysis