Mineral Analysis Laboratory

Nowadays, heavy metals, which have accumulated extensively in soil, water and air environments, have become an important environmental problem threatening the life of all organisms on the earth’s surface. The most important reasons for this increase in heavy metal content are; Industrial activities, motor vehicle exhausts, mineral deposits and operations, volcanic activities, fertilizers and medicines used in agriculture and urban waste.

Heavy metals do not have any positive function in the human body and cause excess toxic effect. They enter the human body through the absorption of nutrition and skin and accumulate in the tissues. These metals can not be removed from the body and reach toxic value which can cause serious damage over time. For this reason, the limit values stated in the Turkish Food Codex should not be exceeded very strictly.

Mostly pollution of the environment, and mercury, arsenic, lead, copper, cadmium, etc., which are sometimes transmitted to products from metal packages. Heavy metals potentially carcinogenic!
The accumulation of these metals in the brain, kidney and liver and their inability to be removed from the body lead to step-by-step poisoning.
Seafood, pickled vegetables, and metal-wrapped products are the first to come to mind.
Analyzing is an area of expertise that requires advanced technology.

In our laboratory, heavy metal and mineral analyzes are carried out on all food and feedstuffs processed and unprocessed with AAS in Additive Residue Mineral Unit.